Roof Cleaning

Before and after roof cleaning in Belfast by Aerial Installations and Services, Northern Ireland

Why Clean Your Roof?

Roof cleaning:

What is Growing on Your Roof?

Roof algae are living organisms, and when they grow on your Belfast home's roof, their food source is not only moisture and sunlight, but also the material in your roof: tiles, slates, cement and grout, causing your roof to degrade over time.

Mosses also add weight to roofs and when they become heavy enough - or are dislodged by wind or bird activity - can fall in gutters and down pipes and cause blockages.

Soft Washing – AlgoClear

Roof Repairs Belfast uses soft washing to clean your roof.

Preparing your Roof for Treatment

If there is excessive moss growth, we will:

Cleaning & Treating Your Roof

AlgoClear cleaning solution includes a biodegradable chemical which not only cleans the roof but also helps to kill harmful substances growing there.

The process is called soft washing because it avoids excessive liquid flow force, as used by pressure washing. The pressure and flow rate of the system are designed to apply the treatment evenly and easily upon the roof surface and avoid any damage due to excessive pressure.

Advantages of using our Roof Cleaning Process

Roof Cleaning Gallery

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